Medical & Dental Malpractice

At Otjen, Gendelman, Zitzer, Johnson & Weir, S.C., we understand the significant impact that medical malpractice actions have on health care providers. Our attorneys have decades of experience in defending the most complex medical and dental malpractice cases. We have obtained successful defense verdicts on behalf of hospitals and physicians in virtually every area of medical practice or specialty. Hospitals in our community have consistently relied on the firm to defend them in malpractice actions since before the enactment of Chapter 655. When competent, aggressive, and compassionate representation is needed in malpractice cases, the attorneys at Otjen, Gendelman, Zitzer, Johnson & Weir are the logical choice. Our malpractice team includes trial attorneys, licensed nurse-paralegals, and skilled investigators who will develop and understand every medical and legal issue presented by the malpractice case. We understand that each case is unique to the healthcare provider and will diligently develop, with the healthcare provider, the best possible defense to the case.

While we are proud of our results in the courtroom, our attorneys also work closely with hospitals, clinics, and the medical community in an effort to reduce the risk of malpractice cases. We make presentations in conjunction with risk managers at hospitals and clinics in an effort to make employees aware of how to reduce and recognize risk.

Attorneys who practice malpractice defense at our firm include: